best ways for mom to unwind

Best Ways For Moms To Spend Child Free Time

What I am about to describe, I call the no kids paradox.  Picture this.  It’s the moment every parent dreams of.  Either Grandma, or some God sent individual requests, or agrees after some whining, to take your kids off your hands.  If you had plans already, then you are too busy or distracted to notice… Continue reading Best Ways For Moms To Spend Child Free Time

Strength, Wisdom, Resilience

Gratitude Sunday I’ve slipped away from writing for a bit. I don’t know whether it was the erratic schedule that threw me off at first, the following extra difficult workweek, or perhaps it was the logical and necessary recovery period following catharsis caused by letting out all that I have been writing in my heard… Continue reading Strength, Wisdom, Resilience