How to Maximize Your Candy Load Halloween

How to Maximize Your Candy Haul This Halloween

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays.  First of all, it falls in the end of October, my favorite month, in my favorite season.  It is not too hot or too cold and the trees are beautiful.  It is also perfectly timed. You go out and have your kids bring home a huge haul of candy, right before sweater season.  Coincidence? Who knows? But it wouldn’t surprise me if this was all a big plan set up by the think tanks comprising the marketing department at both Spandex and Wool.  So hopefully you have been training your kids for this day since the summer, having them run, jump and sprint, but even if you find yourself behind schedule, here are a few ways to maximize your candy haul.

How to Maximize Your Candy Load Halloween

Leave this space to link article on how to lose that Mommy weight.  JK..

  1. The Fake Baby in The Stroller Trick

You probably have a stroller that has been hanging around since the toddler days, or maybe you have a toddler that is still in the stroller, regardless, the stroller and an extra trick or treat bag is one secret to optimizing your candy per house ratio.  The key here is to make sure everyone who can walk does, so it appears that you have an extra kid that may need candy.  This is also great to help carry your haul.

  1. The Costume With a Mask Trick

Standing tall at 5’4, I know a few middle schoolers who are a bit taller than me, but my face would set me apart from a 12 year old.  Jason, Scream, Pennywise or whatever you choose is fine as long as it covers your face, but I would make sure that it is comfortable to wear and you too could be standing with your kids collecting candy at each stop.  Better to let the kids yell trick or treat if your voice is a little mature.

  1. The “My Sister is Home Sick” Trick.

This comes from personal experience as I had my little one crap out early last year.  I assume it was the handfuls of candy she kept sneaking regardless of my threats of razor blades and poisonous candy.  We ended close to home so neighbors inquired where her sister was and demanded we take some home for her.  So if you have one kid, you can pretend you have 2 and so on.

  1. Lose the Slow Pokes (Sorry Aunt Christina.)

I am naturally a fast walker, so I will have trouble waiting for slow people on a regular day, but on Halloween, I plan ahead.  If you are a slow walker, we can play in November and if you are chronically late I will tell you an earlier time, hoping the times sync but if they don’t, I have no problem leaving without you.  Know your friends and plan accordingly.  The clock is ticking…

  1. Recruit Only the Best.

If you have a nephew that runs cross country, now is your time to see him shine.  Who needs to go to track meets when you can witness his endurance in real life.

  1. Do Your Research

Full candy bars may sound enticing, but not if all the houses in between don’t answer or give raisins.  Know your neighborhoods.  Plan on visiting neighborhoods with lots of older retired individuals earlier and come to the two working parent homes after 5.  People at work can’t simultaneously be home handing out candy.

  1. Relay Ringing

Sometimes people take a while to answer the door, feel free to have two groups and send each one to a different door.  Unless you are in a neighborhood with long winding hills and houses spread few and far between, the time knocked off waiting for an answer will outweigh any extra time spent back-peddling.

  1. Limit Beverages

Okay.  There may be some exceptions, like the guy who leaves out adult beverages and red Solo cups on the side of the house while the kids are distracted by his life size monster that dispenses candy on the front porch, (thanks Mr. Blue House on the Corner,) but this point needs no explanation.

  1. The Switcheroo

You bought Reece’s.  You bought Kit-Kats.  You bought Twix.  Then you have a bag full of York peppermint patties and unwrapped candy corn.  Well, we all know what happens to your left over candy.  So pull out all the dud’s and hand them out first so all your favorites sit in that bowl until they become yours by default.

  1. The Quick Wardrobe Change

Ever hit up a block that was so great you silently note that you must return next year.  Well, why wait?  Grab an easy change, like a sheet with eyes cut out as a ghost, a scream poncho and mask or something similar.  the fact you already know which houses to skip because they did not answer, or you know, because raisins, is an added bonus.

How to Maximize Your Candy Load Halloween

So, study these tips.  Share them with your kids.  And have a wonderful, safe Halloween!  Do you have any Halloween Tips?  How much candy do you end up with after your haul?  Who eats it all?  I would love to hear about it in the comments!





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