Your Death

What were you thinking, because I just can’t understand,

When you put blade to flesh and turned black?

What were you thinking, because I just don’t understand.

Did you realize the permanence and that you just can’t come back?

Did you realize the pain was all in your head,

And you could have asked for help. Maybe you wouldn’t be dead.

I just can’t understand how misery came out on top.

If you could have asked for help, we could have helped it to stop.

Maybe now you’re numb, won’t feel pain another day

But you could have reached out. Maybe we’d have something to say.

I just don’t understand. How could you give it all away?

Guess you lost religion. But you could have asked us to pray.

And given life another shot, held the world in your hands,

Said a prayer, and let God explain, this is your land,

Your choice, you had a voice and that was your power.

Your self-worth, your dignity should have pulled you through

You had so much to offer, if only you knew.

I wish it would have stopped.  I know about the voices.

But no matter how bad it gets, we can’t forget about our choices.

And it is just so sad that you couldn’t make it past,

And that everything was negative up until the last,

The last day, the last breath

The last choice that led to your death.


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